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If you are somewhere in the Sacramento area and have an interest in RPCV news and activities (RPCVs, members of our group, parents of PCVs, natives of past or present Peace Corps host countries, etc.) and would like to receive occasional (approximately monthly) news items or announcements and reminders of local events, you may add your address to our e-mail distribution list by filling out the form below.

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If you would like to be included in our local RPCV database so that others may contact you, please type your name, address, and phone number (optional) below:
When you have completed the form, click on "Send". To start over, click on "Clear".

Send announcements of items of interest to local RPCVs to . General guidelines are that items should be of interest to local RPCVs ("local" is approximately bounded by Marysville, the Sierra foothills, Stockton, and Davis) and that ethnic items (restaurants, merchants, books, newspaper articles, TV programs, festivals, etc.) should pertain to past or present Peace Corps countries of service.

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